Wednesday, May 7, 2014

REL Mclaren Mp4-12c Spider

I release this mod about a days ago .. i released this mod in and got featured xD ,  maybe still the first mp4-12c spider in Gta sa so that's why got featured.


-Adapt ImVehFt (lights , Active dashboard , steer, calipers
-pirelli pzero tyre [no 3d]
-sa plate[frames scratched by E Project]
-mclaren doors anim[like in real life]
-flat shadow[scratched by E Project]
-working spoiler
-roof as extra 1
-primary color body, secondary interior stitching , teritiary[third]
rims color
-rotor scratched by NineIV
-MQ engine
-replace feltzer
-find them by yourself :p

Cyrax rip this model from nfs Rivals
Gintaras Rip for beta tester
Friends in Modding group thats helping me


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